Terms & Policies



Every rider understands and admits his/her participation in the event is voluntary. He/she assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages from his/her participation in, or practice for, the event. Participants must read the event regulations and agree to the entry terms and conditions as stated above by the organizer. He/she recognizes that mountain biking and the activities associated with this event may be hazardous and that participation is solely at his/her own risk. In this regard, full responsibility for any injuries or damages that may occur lie with the competitor. Every rider acknowledges, that by entering the event that he/she has read and understood and accepts this entire waiver of liability and agrees to be legally bound by it.


This event is physically demanding, the participant should therefore be fit and in good health to participate. If the participant has any medical condition which could be adversely affected by exercise, particularly a heart condition or has any doubt about his/her health, they must consult a doctor to gain approval to participate. By entering the participant confirms that, to the best of their knowledge, their general state of fitness is good and takes full responsibility for themselves.


  • 4 weeks + notice will receive a 75% refund

  • 3 – 4 weeks’ notice a 50% refund

  • 2 – 3 weeks’ notice a 25% refund

  • Less than 2 weeks’ notice a no refund policy will be upheld except in extreme cases.


Riders will be required to check in the morning of their event at the Race Registration tent at basecamp.


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