Swinley Forest has rolling contours which means some pedalling - this is a adventure loop enduro so be ready and set for a great day out (2 - 3 hours plus night time stages if you are entered to The Mighty Swinduro). The event will consist of a 20km - 25km loop around Swinley, and include up to 12 stages. The course will incorporate some of the best trails Swinley has to offer, this year we will be adding trail features on the trails and have some unique twists to this event! Stages will offer riders line choice, and a series of Technical Trail Features - if you are pinning it your wheels will be airborne. If you are pinning it to your own level, there are B lines and rollers on each stage - it is a great venue to test yourself, against the trail.

Each Special Stage will have a transition before and after, clearly signed for riders to continue their adventure in Swinley. The transitions will not be timed.  There will be categories for females, kids, eBikes, hardtails and a range of ages.

special stages - timed

Special Stages will comprise of gravity focused descents, and will last from 1m30secs up to 2m30secs minutes.

  • All stages will be taped from top to bottom, please stay within the taped boundaries.

  • Each Technical Trail Feature will be clearly signed prior to the feature – please ensure you look and re-look at features during practice.

  • All stages will be able to be tackled by the regular trail rider and those new to Enduro events. The course can be tackled on either a hard tail or a trail suspension bike. For the Gravel’duro to be sporting we ask that you ride a drop bar off road bike or a hardtail XC orientated MTB.

  • Once out on the course, riders will be self sufficient – please bring a suitable pack to ride with, include in that pack hydration, nutrition, multi tool and any trail side fixes that may be needed like tubes, power links. (MTB Base Camp will have just in time trail items, nutrition etc available on the day)

  • Swinley’s topography means that all stages will be super flowy. There will not be any massive uphill transitions, and the descents will be flowing, we will be using a mix of terrain including the gems of the trail network..plus some other special stages just for the event. Swinley will require pedalling…..but that's not to say you can switch off on the gravity stages as there will be trail features new to everyone for the event.

event medical support

There will be full medical support available at Basecamp and there will be roaming 4x4 medical teams on the course.

  • All medical teams and marshals will be contactable by radio.

  • Each rider is responsible for each other, if you see a fallen rider, please stop, raise the alarm and help…..you will be able to re run if you voluntarily stop to help an injured rider. Raise the alarm by allowing the following rider to ride on and alert the medical teams / marshals.

The event will take place across the 7th & 8th September. Entry to campsite is allowable from 1500 on Friday 6th and an optional practice for the enduro is open from 1530 onwards.


  • The course will be open to practice from 1530 on Friday 6th September. The Forest will be fully open to the public and the trails being used for the special stages will not be closed for event purposes. Please take care of other riders and forest users!

  • Timing gates will be active from 0800 onward Saturday 7th September, it is the riders responsibility to get to each stage, where riders will be counted in at 30 second intervals.

  • Transitions will be marshalled, please do not take shortcuts through the forest. The transitions are designed to make the loop like your MTB ride out, including fun sections and singletrack!

trail xc

  • The XC event will take place on Sunday 8th September.

  • The XC event will test your lungs but in essence will be a fantastic trail orientated ride with ascents, descents, technical trail features and some great spectator passing points for riders to show us how to do it

  • The XC event will take place over multiple loops taking in some glorious sections of Swinley Forest, some shoulder to shoulder attack sections and some spiteful hills to get the lungs working!

dual slalom

  • The event will take place on Sunday 8th September

  • There will be a dual line where riders entered can take 2 timed runs on the left and right hand lines with the times combined to produce the overal time for the day


The Gravel’duro is set to really make you smile, it will be a 40km loop from basecamp that takes in the forest together with 6 special timed stages along the way. One to ride with you mates on drop bars and have some smiles

  • 100% off road gravel ride that will guide you through some stunning scenery within Swinley Forest. The event will comprise of up to 6 special stages for you to grind out before relaxing back in to the saddle.

  • The event will take place on Sunday 8th September.

format of racing

The Special Stages are designed with gravity in mind, as such, full face helmets are not compulsory but are encouraged.

  • Helmets are to be worn on all timed stages – failure to do so will result in an instant disqualification.

  • Helmets are to be worn on transitions. If a rider fails to do so they will be yellow carded – 2 offences of no helmet on will result in a disqualification.

  • Protection is not compulsory however we recommend knee and elbow guards if you are racing in the enduro & dual slalom

Swinduro holds third party public liability insurance that covers the event organisation, and the landowner in the event of a member of the public being injured during the event. It is not possible for us to obtain insurance that will cover individual riders for injuries and we strongly advise that you consider your own individual insurance to cover you in the event of injury, and that you ensure that your cover includes participation in dangerous sports. enduro is not a recognised UK discipline for British Cycling, as British Cycling insurance does not cover this event.

helmets, protection & insurance

  • 4 weeks + notice will receive a 75% refund

  • 3 – 4 weeks’ notice a 50% refund

  • 2 – 3 weeks’ notice a 25% refund

  • Less than 2 weeks’ notice a no refund policy will be upheld except in extreme cases.

cancellation policy