Ride the one of the best Electric MTB venues in 2019!

Swinley Forest has contours that never stay flat for flat, you are always on the up, or on the down; to us that sounds perfect to inject some electric mountain bike fun!

Electric MTB’s are welcome and encouraged to take part and enjoy the following events this Swinduro:

  • Swinduro - 10 stage day enduro

  • Night Swinduro - 4 additional stages to the day enduro

Swinduro in 2018 hosted 50 ebike riders and this year we will be set to see the same again tackling the course but this year there is a twist!

eBikes will tackle the same 25km loop as other MTB’s and also the same stages, that is ebikers will start and finish at the same timing gates HOWEVER…..

as course designers we are taking the opportunity to add sections into stages for ebikes only - the goal is to maintain your overall speed but to take advantage of your assisted pedaling efficiency to tackle some additional trail features, mini climbs, linking sections.

Make full use of your emtb and take part in some of the events for some real thoughtful specific ebike sections through your day - riders, start your engines!

Book your electric adventure at Swinduro’19 here - Swinduro’19 events