swinduro'19 - the events, age cats and types of bike!

swinduro descends on to Swinley Forest on September 7th & 8th 2019….this year we have created something for everyone.

swinduro will be made up of 4 core events, they are:

  • the Swinduro itself, a 20km - 25km enduro depending on which version you opt for

  • the trail XC

  • the dual slalom

  • the gravel’duro

The events will have a full compliment of age categories from U18 through to Super Vets. There will also be the opportunity for U14’s to take part in the Swinduro with their parents / guardians which will be great!

The events will also have specific categories for Hardtails and eBikes. eBikes will need to be standard output and this is in the spirit of everyone being equal on these bikes. eBikes will be able to take part across the enduro’s, the dual slalom and the xc trail loop - so why not try a couple of them!

The gravel’duro is a 40km 100% off road relaxed sportive with 6 special stages along its route that you will be timed on. In the spirit of gravel’duro we ask that the bikes be drop bar gravel orientated bikes or pure xc flat bar mountain bikes - the less, to no suspension the better!

The Ultimate Forestman & Forestwoman

Taking inspiration from the ultimate waterman competitions where the best surfers take on the best kayakers and SUP riders we thought it would be awesome to crown a king and queen of the forest. The small print is:

  • You must enter the Mighty Enduro, Dual Slalom and XC Trail event

  • In these events you must be riding within an age category (hardtail, ebike do not count)

  • The cumulative time between all 3 events will be added together to create the ultimate rider of the forest!

  • its event better if you achieve this on 1 bike!

There will be loads of updates happening over the coming months, lots on social at our instagram account @swinduro19 for updates too so be sure to follow the page!

enjoy the journey, stay forest RAD!